Let the women of your household know that they are appreciated!

Mother’s Day Special: Celebrating the Laidback Mom and her Helper

What’s your mom like? Mine is laidback and never loses her cool even in the most stressful situations. With the support of our domestic helper, our home is (thankfully) always in good order. This Mother’s Day, go beyond the simple “thanks” and let the women of your house know that they are appreciated!

#1 Take on the housework for a day

Rope in other members of your family to put the house in order for a day or two while the women of your home take a well-earned breather.

#2 Enjoy a hearty meal together

Thank your mum and helper with a hearty meal at someplace unique: perhaps to The Halia at the Botanic Gardens for a sophisticated alfresco experience or to dine in ultimate style chez Violet Oon.


#TiqOurWord and steer clear of malls and popular restaurants on Mother’s Day! Instead, plan ahead and make a reservation or choose an alternative date to celebrate.

#3 Plan an activity for the whole family

Be it a getaway to a neighboring country or a candle making workshop, doing something fun together is a great way to bond with loved ones.

#TiqOurWord Before leaving the country, always ensure you have a travel insurance you can trust!

#4 Ensure that they are well-insured

While celebrating the involvement of these women in your life this Mother’s Day, make sure that they are always well-insured.

Unsure which to get your domestic helper? Already among the most affordable plans in the market, ePROTECT maid insurance by Etiqa goes on promotion from 1 to 12 May 2019! Terms apply. Nothing says ‘thank you’ like the assurance that your helper will always be well covered.

#5 Treat every day like Mother’s Day

Caring for the home is no small feat! Make sure you let your mother and domestic helper know what their efforts mean to you with an often but simple ‘thank you’, or offer help wherever possible!

Information is accurate as at 2 May 2019.