Easy saving hacks by TIQ: You know how to save BUT money still not enough.

You know how to save BUT…

“Savings is a virtue. You should save for a rainy day… …”

We know the importance of savings but it can be such a chore! There is nothing new that we can tell you about savings that you do not already know. However, a little reminder can go a long way, and keeping up with the trends such as money savings tools can help you squirrel a year-end bonus. 🙂

So, read on for practical savings tips and hacks in Singapore to help you save more.

  1. Know your expenses

Do you find yourself wondering at the end of the month “where have my money gone”?! Well, you are not the only one. Budgeting and keeping track of expenses can be dreary, but the truth is … … if you want to save more by spending less, you do need to know your expenses first. Here’re some lazy genius methods to keep track of your expenses:

  • Keep a separate bank account for spending

It can be easy to overspend if you are using the same bank account for savings and expenses. To help yourself be more disciplined, allocate a certain sum of funds for expenses in a separate bank account (preferably one with good credit/debit card rebates) on a monthly basis.

  • Use an expense tracker app

The challenge of using an expense tracker app lies in having the discipline to key in your expenses each time you spend. However, with newer and smarter technology, it is possible to integrate your bank accounts with an expense tracker app, and if you are already in the habit of making cashless payment, all your expenses will be consolidated without you putting in much effort! Check out Spendee or Toshi Finance!

On the other hand, if you worry about cyber security (a real issue!), you can consider basic expense tracker apps with fun functions (such as Household Account Book) to motivate you to input your expenses daily. You know what they say, just do it consistently for a month and it would become a habit. Voilà!

  1. Make the most of your purchases

Source: Department of Statistics SG

According to the by Department of Statistics SG, the average monthly household expenditure is S$ 4,724 in Singapore, and the top three costs are attributed to housing and related expenses, food and transport. Well, all of us have our ‘weaknesses’ and the temptations that we cannot resist. If you absolutely have to spend, you should spend smartly and make the most of your purchases.

  • Know your choices and make comparison

While is it not wise to compare people, comparing prices can interestingly give (instant and long-lasting) gratifications! Knowing your choices and making comparisons can help you to save substantially. For example, why would you pay more for electricity when you can reduce costs by selecting a plan that suits your lifestyle from an electricity retailer? Did you know PacificLight offers up to 21% savings for your electricity bill?

  • Go digital and enjoy online perks

Doing your shopping online for certain merchandise (such as electronic products) can certainly save you a great deal! For example, this couple saved a ton on apartment revamp when they purchased their furniture online. With promo codes and shopping rebates, there are even more reasons to buy online. Simply do a quick google search prior to making your purchases!

  • Use apps for discounts and deals

There are various apps for discounts and deals in Singapore, which allow you to save even as you spend. For example, if you are a foodie, you should have the Entertainer or Eatigo app that offers up to 50% discount for dining! If you are shopping online and want to save on hefty shipping costs, try EZbuy or SGShop! If you do not mind pre-loved items, go on Carousell and enjoy savings up to 90%! For public transport users, the EZ link rewards app allows you to accumulate points in exchange for perks on food and lifestyle. Oh! And don’t forget to ask around if your loved ones or friends are already using certain apps. In addition to getting valuable feedback, there may be referral programmes that reward both parties!

  1. Save smart 

When it comes to savings, it is not enough to look into managing expenses. It is necessary to review earnings and learn to save smart. It is indeed good practice to squirrel away a few dollars in the piggy bank daily, but there is an easier way to save, and with higher guaranteed returns!

The eEASY save series feature Singapore’s first online insurance savings plans. At present, the new tranche for eEASY save (a non-participating endowment plan) offers a guaranteed returns of 2.46% p.a. with upfront premium discount. For eEASY savepro (a participating endowment plan), there is a potential yield of up to 3.26% p.a.! If you let your friends in on this lobang (great deal) and they sign with your referral code, both of you will get rewarded with S$50 Takashimaya vouchers each!

Everyone often laments that “earning money is not easy”. In that case, let’s try to save easy with smart tools in this digital age.