Practical Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Dad in Singapore

Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Dad

Did it slipped your mind that Father’s Day is around the corner? In 2017, more than 900 respondents in a five-country survey revealed that half of dads surveyed said they had most commonly received nothing for Father’s Day. Be it Mum or Dad, our parents have always been main supporting figures in our lives. Having celebrated Mother’s Day last month, it is time to show appreciation for Dad this June! Here are some thoughtful gift ideas for the special man of your household.

“We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.” Henry Ward Beecher

Handmade leather wallet for Dad

Image credits: Kevin Menajang from Pexels

Handmade gifts are special because they best express your thoughts and efforts for the receiver. Instead of simply purchasing a branded leather wallet at the departmental store, how about making a personalised leather wallet for your father? There are various leather craft workshops in Singapore such as homegrown Crafune (which this author has personally joined and recommend!). No prior experience is required and depending on the design you choose, each workshop may range from 3 to 8 hours.

If you worry that you are unable to make a leather wallet in time for Father’s Day? How about booking a session for both of you to make leather craft together? In addition to having quality bonding time, you and your father can bring home a practical gift for daily use.

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Hands-on experience at Singapore’s largest makerspace

Image credits: Adrienne Andersen from Pexels

“Wow, father! That looks amazing!”

There’s nothing more satisfying for hands-on Dads to create something from scratch and get praised for his efforts. You can consider getting him a set of shiny D.I.Y. Home Tool Kit or better yet, get him started on a project at Singapore’s largest makerspace by Home Fix. Remember those technical classes when we were in secondary school? Imagine a similar space, albeit larger and with more tools and equipment.

There are various training courses such as metal crafting or building an end table, with different badge colours for different levels of tool-handling experiences. Participants can also use the space on either a daily, weekly or monthly pass for their subsequent projects. So, how about checking what furniture is needed at home and getting Dad a related course? 😉

Send Dad to a Knife Making Workshop

Image credits: Wu Yi on Unsplash

Having a meal together is one of the best ways to spend quality family time. Instead of eating out, how about eating in at home? We have no idea who’s in-charge of the stove but it’d be a good idea to present a gift to whoever’s cooking. So, here’s an idea, how about giving Dad a fun and valuable experience of making his own knife?

If he’s the home chef, that’d be awesome. If mum usually does the cooking at home, this will help place your father in a good light. That plus you get to enjoy homecooked food. That’s hitting three birds with one stone! For knife making/sharpening or other furniture making workshops, check out Tombalek, Singapore’s leading workshop for woodworking and metalworking education and practice.

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Urban farming and dining experience

Here’s a gift of memory for dads who used to live in a kampong (village). Amid our urban spaces, farming and gardening can be challenging but not impossible. If dad enjoys nature, you can buy him an urban farming experience at The Plant Story, or if he’s more of a laidback kind, a treat at the Garden Café makes for a nice Sunday brunch for the family.

Other workshops at The Plant Story include Home Apothecary (just 1 hour!) where participants can learn about healing herbs in Singapore, how to grow indoor plants and concoct your own remedies to bring home. Think Dad will like this?

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A thoughtful gesture to show Dad you care

We certainly agree with the Wizard of Oz; “there’s no place like home”, and home is first and foremost made special with the presence of people you love and those who love you. It is also the little things within an apartment or house that makes your home cosy.

To show dad and the rest of the family that you care, you may consider taking care of your home protection needs. This is a thoughtful gesture that would show him that you have matured and are ready to share household responsibilities. Explain the importance of a comprehensive home insurance if your family has no idea about its difference with a fire insurance.

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Information is accurate as at 12 June 2019.