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Tiq Home Group Buy Deal

Our first-of-its-kind group buy deal for Tiq Home Insurance is now open! Enjoy exclusive discounts and rewards in addition to current promotions and offers for Tiq Home Insurance. Bask in the kampong spirit and unlock exciting rewards with your soon-to-be neighbours while protecting your dream home!

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  1. Who is eligible for this Group Buy?
    This Group Buy is currently only open to residents of Fengshan Greenville and Ghim Moh Edge estate. However, we are happy to invite more estates (BTO, ECs, Condos, etc) to participate in the group buy. Kindly let us know by completing the above form and we will get back to you.
  1. How does this Group Buy work?
    All you have to do is to purchase Tiq Home Insurance and apply the promotion code ‘TIQHOMEGB’ upon checkout to receive an additional 5% discount. After you have made the payment, you will be automatically enrolled under your respective Group Buy residents’ pool. You will be able to see the number of residents who have bought the Tiq Home Insurance under the “Check Your Progress” section and the corresponding rewards unlocked on the Group Buy website.
  1. How does the reward levels work?
    The rewards are unlocked based on the number of active Tiq Home Insurance policies purchased by the residents of the participating estates. On a cumulative basis, if 50 residents from the participating estate make purchases, Level 1 reward is unlocked. Level 2 and Level 3 rewards will be unlocked if the total purchase from the same estate reaches 100 and 150 respectively. Residents will receive their rewards based on the highest level reward unlocked by their respective estate after the promotion period.Example of the rewards given is illustrated as follows:
    No. of Residents at end of promotion Rewards
    45 No additional rewards given
    52 All 52 residents receive Level 1 reward
    149 All 149 residents receive Level 2 reward
    200 All 200 residents receive Level 3 reward
  1. How long is the Group Buy promotion period?
    The Group Buy promotion period varies for all estates. Please refer to the “Check Your Progress” section for the promotion period.
  1. When will I receive the reward?
    After the promotion period, residents will receive a redemption email after the 14-days free look period to ensure that there are no cancellations of the policy, which may affect the reward level tier.
  1. Can I still join the Group Buy when the promotion period is over?
    No, any purchases made after the promotion period will not qualify as part of the group buy, even if you are from the participating estate.
  1. Do all interested residents have to purchase concurrently in one transaction to qualify for the group buy?
    No, residents can buy Tiq home Insurance separately, at any time during the promotion period and they are not required to transact in one transaction to qualify for this promotion. We will enrol you into the Group Buy pool as long as you reside in the participating estate.
  1. Still could not find the answer to your question?
    You may wish to call our Customer Care hotline at 6887 8777 or email us at customer.service@etiqa.com.sg
  1. This Group Buy promotion (“Promotion”) is open to all residents who reside in the participating estate only.
  1. The period of this Promotion varies for all participating estates. Please refer to the “Check Your Progress” section for the promotion period.
  1. This Promotion is not valid in conjunction with any ongoing or existing insurance promotions, coupons, staff discounts and privileges, unless otherwise stated.
  1. All successful purchases of during the promotion period that are part of the participating estates will be automatically included into the Group Buy pool.
  1. Where the total policy count reaches at least the Level 1 reward level upon the end of promotion period, customers in the Group Buy will be contacted by Etiqa Insurance Pte. Ltd. (“Etiqa”) via email to on the gift redemption details.
  1. Customers will receive an IKEA Gift Card, where the gift value of S$20, S$38 or S$50 will be determined by the corresponding quantity of successful purchases in the Group Buy during the promotion period.
  1. This Promotion is not valid for customers who have cancelled or free-look existing home content insurance policy/policies with Etiqa within the last 14 days.
  1. Etiqa reserves the right to change promotion mechanics and terms and conditions at any point in time without prior notice. The gift value will be tied to the prevailing promotion at point of application.
  1. Etiqa has the final and binding decision pertaining to any dispute on selection of customers. Any appeals made will not be entertained.
  1. All gifts are not transferable, exchangeable for cash or kind or extendable in validity. Etiqa reserves the right to substitute the gifts with other gifts of equivalent value without prior notice.