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A good reason to bite at MozGuard

Mozguard comes in handy if you can't beat the dengue mozzie. Perfect for swatting away any financial disruptions caused by disease-carrying mosquitoes that see you only as a blood meal.

Singapore's warm climate accelerates mosquito breeding and maturation.

Mosquito-borne diseases transmit easily.

Increased travel raises chances of mosquito-borne disease infection overseas, or anyone bringing in new mosquito-borne diseases into Singapore.

Diseases can be life-threatening.

MozGuard Insurance safeguards your family and yourself by providing you the protection coverage you require

Wide coverage against mosquito-borne diseases

Protection coverage against Dengue fever, Zika fever, Chikungunya fever, Malaria and Yellow fever.

Affordable premiums

According to your dengue cluster's alert level from as little as $2.58 a month or $31 a year

Protection for all ages

Anyone from 1- 99 years old is eligible for protection

Choose from 2 Plans with 100% benefit payout for your out-of-pocket expenses

Plan A



Plan B



Continual year long coverage even after your first claim

You can make the first claim after a waiting period of 14 days after application date. In between each clinically diagnosed disease, there will be a separation period of 90 days before the next claim can be made. Hypothetically, anyone can claim up to the following in a year:

1st infection

First 100% insured payout
Application Date
Separation period: 90 Days

2nd infection

Second 100% insured payout
Separation period: 90 Days

3rd infection

Third 100% insured payout
Separation period: 90 Days

4th infection

Fourth 100% insured payout
In a Policy Year


Sum Insured of S$3,000
Red $58 $38
Yellow $52 $34
Green $47 $31

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file for a claim?
Please notify us by completing a Personal Accident Claims form and providing us with relevant evidence and supporting documents that will substantiate your claim. Click here for the claims form.
Can children be covered under the policy?
Yes. Under “Plan Type”, please select “Children”.
Does the coverage start immediately?
No, we will not pay any benefit if the Insured is diagnosed with any of the Covered Disease within 14 days from the Issue Date of this Policy.

Brochures and Documents

Brochure: MozGuard Insurance

Policy Wording: MozGuard Insurance


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